Sugaring uses a sticky, gel-like paste for hair removal. The paste is applied in a similar way to how wax is often used for the same purpose, only the paste is organic, biodegradable, and hypoallergenic. This sweet substance removes the hair from the root without sticking to or pulling at live skin cells, so it tends to be gentler than waxing.


Full Leg :- $70
Half Leg :- $45
Full Arm :- $55
Half Arm :- $45
Full Back :- $75
Half Back :- $55
Underarms :- $25
Bikini :- $35


You should not have sugaring done if any of the following apply: you’re using retinol or vitamin C on your skin; you’re taking steroids; you’re using Accutane; you have bruising, swelling, rashes, open sores, a sunburn, or cold sores.


Post-sugaring, you should treat your skin similarly to how you would after a wax in order to avoid ingrown hairs. Refrain from working out, taking hot baths. Exfoliate a few times a week with a body scrub and if you like the results, go ahead and book your next appointment for about three to five weeks out.